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Piano lessons are a wonderful
gift to give your child.


A study was released finding that music education, specifically piano, in young children produces changes in the brain which enhance children’s abstract reasoning skills. These skills are needed to learn math and science, to play chess and to master many concepts of engineering.

Dr. Francis Rauscher of the University of Wisconsin and Dr. Gordon Shaw of the University of California linked piano keyboard lessons to having a direct effect on the development of the brain’s neural circuitry – actually improving intellectual development.

In other words, research points out that early piano training helps to create and maintain certain “connections’ in children’s brains that may not otherwise form. It has long been known that musically educated children develop skills they carry into adulthood.

"I highly recommend Marsha as a piano teacher. I have had the pleasure of attending her students' recitals and never cease to be amazed by their level of expertise. They obviously adore her and truly enjoy the recitals and instruction.

I studied piano for several years myself and appreciate Marsha's careful and patient style. She is one who truly cares about each and every student while sharing over 20 years of experience. Thank you." ~ Mary Jane


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