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Piano lessons are a wonderful
gift to give your child.



"I've been taking lessons from Ms. Marsha since 2004.  I have not only learned to play the piano classically trained but to also develop the love of music such that it is my artistic expression in life." ~ Kari

"I highly recommend Marsha as a piano teacher. I have had the pleasure of attending her students' recitals and never cease to be amazed by their level of expertise. They obviously adore her and truly enjoy the recitals and instruction.

I studied piano for several years myself and appreciate Marsha's careful and patient style. She is one who truly cares about each and every student while sharing 30 years of experience. Thank you." ~ Mary Jane

"I began my piano lessons in the 3rd grade. My mother selected Ms. Tanny following the recommendation from a few friends. Looking back now, during my junior year of college, I am very thankful that my mother chose Ms. Tanny as my piano teacher. Throughout my 8 years of lessons I, of course, learned all the basics of playing the piano. However, I also received instructions in Western Music Theory far beyond what my friends learned from other teachers. I learned a great amount of notation and music writing skills, gained a thorough understanding of the history and development of music from the early classical composers onward, a developed a strong grasp on scales; not just major scales and natural minor scales, but also the harmonic and melodic minor scales, their respective chords, the types of intervals used in the scales, and the ability to distinguish between differing intervals simply by ear. That is just a quick snapshot of a few of the things I learned above and beyond how to play the piano with excellent form.

At the time (ages 8-15) I wasn't too thrilled about learning that type of information, but Ms. Tanny was encouraging and helped me to persevere and stick with it. Now, taking a few music classes in college, I appreciate even more the excellent musical education I received and realize that during my time with Ms. Tanny I learned far beyond the scope of even my college music classes.
" ~ Steven

I have known Marsha for ten years now.  Before starting lessons with Marsha, my older daughter had taken lessons with another teacher for almost two years.  The progress she made during her first 3 months with Marsha proved what a wonderful teacher she is and exceeded my expectations.  Practicing the piano was no longer a chore, but rather an activity that she enjoyed.  With every lesson she became a better piano player, thus causing her to have more confidence in herself. 
Witnessing my daughter’s constant growth in Piano, enthused my younger son and daughter to take lessons with Marsha.  Playing the piano was instrumental in advancing their academics, and showed improved evidence in their grades. 

Marsha is a teacher with lots of experience and dedication who has the ability to achieve fine results from her students.  This is evident in the performance of her students during the May piano recital. 

My children’s rapid transformation to becoming enthusiastic and talented musicians inspired me to take lessons with Marsha.  She is persistent, inspiring and very meticulous with every lesson.   Marsha has been able to impart her own enthusiasm for the piano to my family.  ~ Maryam

I have known Marsha for almost a year now, and I feel very fortunate to have her as my piano teacher. When I was younger I had a piano teacher who made the whole process of learning boring and uninteresting. Eventually I stopped playing the piano because of the boredom, but a few months ago I started taking lessons once again. I never thought playing the piano could be so much fun, and I think Marsha's way of teaching is why it has been such a blast. Marsha allows the student to choose the music they prefer to play, and makes the process of learning the piano simple and easy!  ~ Meera

Learning to play the piano over the past nine years with Marsha has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Through her teaching I have learned not only to play and read music, but to understand the fundamentals behind the creation and performance of it as well. She has instilled in me a passion and respect for music that will remain with me for the rest of my life. ~ Clayton

"Marsha’s patience, flexibility and understanding over the last nine years have been a key component to my children’s education." ~Lisa 

"After not having studied or even played a piano for over 40 years, Marsha has given me the confidence to push myself beyond my comfort zone.  She makes sure that I have pieces that I enjoy and that are also difficult enough that I have to practice to be able to play them well and feel a sense of accomplishment."  ~Lynn

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